Remember, Reserrection day.

Remember this day, the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave. read the Ending chapters of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John. and think about it…

Jesus Christ died for us, and then he arose as nobody else ever did. so much evil is in the world. everyone of us is at fault. I am glad that I know him, and that He is alive.



Ordinary to Extraordinary contest! (Emmet Awards)

(The previous contest has now ended!)

It is now the Ordinary to Extraordinary Contest!!!

Go to: to enter. or to view the other entries!

Contest #3 (April): The Ordinary to Extraordinary Award. – Take everyday vehicles and buildings and rebuild them into something totally crazy-awesome to help save the day! Be sure to upload a before AND after photo so everyone can see the transformation!

LEGO Minifigures Online at GDC 2014


More news on LEGO Minifigures Online

Originally posted on LEGO Universe News!:

Last week, Funcom displayed LEGO Minifigures Online to the public at GDC 2014. Among other things, this demo featured the new Pirate World and a revamped GUI. You can check out some of the pictures and videos:


You might notice that the GUI is very similar to LEGO Universe’s. Especially in the health bar. ;) Although there was LEGO Universe music in the original trailer for LEGO Minifigures Online, it has all been replaced with new music made specifically for this game.

Also, don’t forget that you can still register for Closed Beta!

LEGO Minifigures Online launches Summer 2014.

That’s all for now!


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At last, an FPS where no one dies

Originally posted on Stopsecret Design:

Hi guys!

This game took me maybe four days in total. Whipped up a LAN fps ‘laser tag’ game. No blood, gore, death. When you lose all your ‘health’, your gun just says ‘gg’ (good game) and you can run around the map in a spectator mode. I tried to get it so that it could be played over more than LAN (using a server) but had a hard time with that.


Believe it or not, I work on small games like this a lot, but rarely post my progress online ;)


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Awesome Double Decker Creations!

It is nearing the End of the Month, soon the Contest will end.

Today I am going to show you A few of the Awesome, Cool, Funny, Original Double Decker Creations! (If you want to see Mine, Check out this post!)


Creator: LegoChewen

Creation: Double Decker Tank


Creator: equinox77

Creation: Double Decker Television Set


Creator: tiger4740

Creation: Double Decker Upright Piano


Creator: batesrus123

Creation: Double Decker Bed (Also Known by another name)


Creator: Woolfie99

Creation: Double Decker Grand Piano


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This is NENEN’s Double Decker entry.  if you like it, and have a account feel free to press the like button.



Link to the entry:

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My Double Decker Entry

LEGO Minifigures Online – February 2014 Report


More news about the LEGO Minifigures MMOG! found on LUN.

Originally posted on LEGO Universe News!:

On February 28th, Funcom released their Q4 2013 report . This report enclosed new details of LEGO Minifigures Online, which is currently in closed beta. Here are images from the report:

LMO Feb 2014 1

LMO Feb 2014 2

LMO Feb 2014 3

Here is the text-version of the report. I have put key points in bold text that you might want to notice.

  • The development of the game is on schedule for Open Beta in summer 2014
  • The team working on the game met all major deliveries during 4Q12, the first closed beta being the most important
  • The Feedback from testers was good on game play, fun factor and visuals
  • Feedback on usability, including user interface and how you interact with it was mixed, and the team has acted to address these issues in 1Q14. A revised user interface will be available in the next Closed Beta phase
  • Focus for 1Q14 is to address the issues reported in the first closed…

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This year our hero from THE LEGO MOVIE brings you the BIGGEST, little awards show ever! We will test your imagination, and building skills, to see if you have what it takes to rise to the the top! Oh, and maybe win some totally awesome prizes too!


In a series of monthly contests your favorite masterbuilders will inspire you to take your creativity to new and extraordinary heights! It all leads up to a super cool LIVE award show hosted by Emmet himself! Be sure to come back February 11th for the first contest!


Whether it’s uploading cool creations, or using our awesome new Movie Builder, each contest will have five nominees selected. Once all of the contests are over an overall winner will then be selected from those final five nominees. Be sure to keep checking back for more info as we get closer to launching the first ever Emmet Awards contest!!


Previous Contest:  Direct Your Own Trailer

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Next Contests:

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Game Insight-ROBLOX®

Hey everyone! Recently, people have recommended a game similar to LEGO’s®, but yet, I have on the contrary, a warning. A warning about this game and a quick insight on it.

  • The Community

The ROBLOX Community, yet at some points good, has so much bad spots, you almost have to overlook the good. The people can sometimes be rude, inappropriate, even immature on how they talk. And yet, even though ignoring them could be the best option, sometimes, they merely won’t let you. The Community is the most important yet it lacks so poorly.

  • The Games

The Games, although yet better off than the community, still has its strong points, and bad points. Some games can be very well developed, almost to the level of another way of production. Although, along with the good, there is always bad, yet, sometimes, it can get way out of hand. Yet, the games that are good just make it so much fun, but always beware.

  • The Verdict

My final verdict on the game, it would be a 6.5/10. The games are fun at some points, and the community has its ups and downs. Providing an overall pleasant experience. But play with high regard and caution, because if you give the community a chance to tear at you. They will try to take you down.


Review By Crash