The Dark Side of the World.

The Dark Side of the World.


The Devil, his fallen angels, and demons are a real threat.

And whether you think that’s nonsense, or are deeply involved with their kind, you’re in danger of getting the ‘raw end’ of the deal.


Let me start with one fact. Everybody is a Conspiracy Theorist. If anything else, that’s what the recent presidency has proven. No matter what side of the issue you’re on there, you know that somebody has come together and conspired to do something.

We all have our theories about those around us secretly working together to do wrong.


Now one thing that many of us wonder is why there seems to be such a connected effort on so many different fronts to destroy and hurt people. Especially when you start paying attention to a lot things that nobody talks about, or where the official story differs from what eyewitnesses or victims say.


It’s because there’s a force behind them all. Whether these people know it or not, Demons are everywhere, we live in a Spiritual War.


And if you don’t have some power on your side, you’re in trouble.


Recently at the library, last Wednesday in fact, we had an encounter with somebody who was possessed. It was very creepy, and the moment I noticed him, I started praying. God protected us, and the man was removed from the library by security due to the constant stream of things he was saying (though when confronted by the Library, every time he acted quite sane and as though he had no idea what they were talking about.)


My mother had many experiences with demonic people, as well as my Pastor. But this newest experience was what prompted me to write this.


We Christians need to be on Guard, There’s a Very Real Dark Side to the world that Constantly trying to destroy us. We have the power of the Holy Spirit on our sides, and as long as we live connected to God in everything, we’ll be able to defeat them.

But if we try to do things on our own strength, or we go our own ways, then the Devil is going to defeat us.


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