The Contact Page

Nenen is a Christian Jew, who wants to be a Writer, & perhaps also a Game Designer. (Among other things.)

He also a Singer,

and a Judo, Kung Fu and Tang Soo Do Martial Artist.

(This information is under Construction :P)

_ _ _

These are the many ways to contact NENEN (me), and different places you can find me.

One place you can contact me is on the LUN forum. Though I’m not very active at the moment. The FORUM for the UNIVERSE of LEGO!

You can also Contact ME here! Use the COMMENTS.


59 comments on “The Contact Page

  1. I’d like to inform you that you can’t be a Christian Jew. A Christian is someone who believes that Jesus is the Christ (derived from the Greek for Messiah). That belief is what separates the two religions. You can’t be both.

    • Oh but i can, Jew is NOT a religion. If you’re a Jew that does NOT mean you Believe in One specific religion. Jew is a People, like Americans. or Germans. I am a Jew, because of my Mother. it is NOT a religion, that is a VERY mistaken notion!

      • Actually, you’re totally wrong. Judiasm was seen as a people because of World War II and they way that they were persecuted. However, they are not a people. They are a religion. My parents are Jewish. I am not. Judaism would be akin to a race were it not possible to convert to it although it still would not be a race…you are the one with mistaken notions sir. Just ask a Rabbi. So no, you aren’t Jewish. You’re probably Caucasian – that’s a race.

        • Quote: …and a person born to a Jewish mother who is an atheist and never practices the Jewish religion is still a Jew, even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox : Unquote
          Quote:..Judaism is more like a nationality than like other religions, and being Jewish is like a citizenship: Unquote
          Quote::(This is after the Above quote) This has been established since the earliest days of Judaism. :Unquote
          That is from that link you gave me. (I did not read much yet.) but is that not meaning that a christian can be a Jew?

      • It said “more like one than other religions” but that’s merely because other religions tend to have spread out more – there’s a lot more variety whereas a large majority of Jews are descended from Europeans. You can be descended from Jews but it is not a race. It shares more similarities to one than, say, Christianity but that doesn’t make it a race.

        • But according to the top qoute. (which i have not seen you say anything about) i CAN be a Christian, and a Jew. “even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox”(quote)

    • “Then he said to them “You know how unlawful it is for a Jewish man to keep company with or go to one of another nation. But God has Shown me that i should not call any man common or unclean.”
      Acts 10:28 New King James Version
      That says that Simon, surname Peter WHO was an Apostle of Christ WAS A JEW! yet he was a Christian.
      there are Other verses that show that you can be a Jew, and a Christian. just check out the Bible.

      • The wording of the Bible doesn’t prove things about every day life. Judaism is a religion and not a race. An Apostle of Christ is not a Jew – he became a Christian. They called may have called themselves Jews but if you asked any priest at the time they would say that they were not Jews.

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  3. nenen i has important texts that i want you to fix the grammar, i know that they are right nowo nly 2 computer pages lnog, but this iwll only be the prolugue and the setting ( time and place) of the story, os it is not finished yet, buti wnat ou to fix the grammat, if tehy are any, it would ben ice ifo you

  4. Hello Nenen,
    As you may know, me and Bincredible are working on a brand new lego game, LEGO Travellers. ( Its going very well, and because we need some more testers for our Brick Building feature, I’m asking you for help. Could you make a contest on your blog (this site) that alloud people to sign up for a early Brick Building? Much people are subscribed for your blog, and I like to let people test some things we’ve ready. As compensation to post that contest on this site, you will get early access to our game, including playing our Brick Building feature next week.
    Thanks a lot. If you have any questions, please email me.

    • Will do as soon as i can. and i do not need compensation 😛 though it would be nice 😛 😛
      I may not be able to do it VERY soon. but i will try Monday. (Busy on sunday)
      I will send a few questions to you that i have to ask first though.

  5. Nenen you write me a message on the legouniverse forum i has some questions. First of all why do i need to make a greeting and what is it? Were am i gonna do it? On the legouniverse forum is it just about lego universe or is it about EVERY LEGO game?

    • The forum is about the UNIVERSE of LEGO, or EVERY LEGO THING 😛 not just Games, and not just LU.
      A Greeting is for when you join, or when you are new, OR when you come back from a long time ago 😛

  6. Do you still know that advertisement video? My Ivona Text-To-Speech expired long ago, so i never could finish it… Sorry. I can try a different way, though.

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