Nothing Without You

I am Nothing without You, God.

Do we understand how useless –how incredibly vain– our jobs, dreams, desires, are in the end? I know that when we are without God, all is so meaningless.

When I get distracted by things, by cares, I get so restless, like I was looking for the meaning of things again.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back in my life, and figure out if I’m really doing what I should be.

Am I meant to be a writer? So why am I skipping so many days?

Am I meant to make games? Where is the productivity?

But ultimately, whether or not I’m meant to do these things, Am I doing these the right way? Is it for God’s glory? Am I asking for His plan before I start with mine? And is the final product worthy of Him?

But when I realize I’m unable to do things by myself, when I realize that by myself nothing is eternal, when I realize that I am Nothing without You, God.

That’s when God can use me; That’s when the work I do has eternal value; That’s when I am Something great. It’s all because of You, God.

I need You always in my life, for without you I am nothing.

Do be something; I need to dedicate all of me to You. Do be productive; I need to be always doing things for Your Glory.

Whether that’s writing, game development, singing, eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, or praying. All I do needs to focus on You and be for You.

Because I am Nothing with You, God.


Lead Me to The Cross

Lord, help make me more then myself, rid me of my sinful self.
Forgive my frequent transgressions, Help me to Be Quiet and know You Are God.

Let everything I’ve valued, everything that I’ve held dear, be yours.
Make me into what I am meant to be, let me value You above all others.

I thank you for taking me, for making me Your Child. When I was spiritually orphaned in a dark world, You took me in. When I was physically hungry, You kept me Fed. When I was mentally exhausted, You gave me rest.

Lead me through the darkness of my pilgrimage. Lead me towards your light. Lead me to the Cross.

Another prayer by Nenen

Inspired by the NewsBoys song “Lead Me to the Cross” from In The Hands Of God