A video. Heroin and Meth

I thought I should share this video I watched recently on TBN. From TresuresTV (see their site

I kinda cried at some parts… 🙂


Some Intresting things.

I found some posts that are interesting. so i decided to share them

Something i better note before you read anything.

I am a Bible Believing Young Earth (Why Young earth, because Of Genesis) Creationist. and i am not afraid to show it.


Did Noah Recognize Different Frog Species? by Brian Thomas, M.S.


‘Ancient’ Bacteria Still Alive and Not Evolved. by Brian Thomas, M.S.


Massive Quasar Cluster Refutes Core Cosmology

Principle. by Brian Thomas, M.S.


Spiral Wonder of the Spider Web. by Frank Sherwin, M.A.


Pterosaur! by Frank Sherwin, M.A.


Worshipping the Creator or the Creation? by Frank Sherwin, M.A.


Evolution: It Just Happened. by Frank Sherwin, M.A.


Big Bang Explanations Fall Flat. by Jake Hebert, Ph.D.


Here is something was looking for.

Human Mutation Clock Confirms Creation. by Brian Thomas, M.S.