A video. Heroin and Meth

I thought I should share this video I watched recently on TBN. From TresuresTV (see their site

I kinda cried at some parts… 🙂


Lego Travellers *a Fan Made game* (Contest!)

Lego Travelers is a free Fan made LEGO game, Currently Developed by Brick5492 and Bincredible.

It’s a game you can battle, build and explore.

The game is currently under development. the Only way to play it (At the moment,) is to become a tester, which i will discuss in a moment!

Let me show you a few things they have!


A BuildArea is a area were players can build with bricks. They are located in (almost) all the worlds and you can build on that place.

BrickBuilding area mockup

Brick Building™  is a creative mode in LT. If you find a BuildArea, you can start building on that area. On your property (your own, personal world) are also located several BuildAreas.”




TravelPorts are devices who can be found in every world. If you click on the TravelPort, it will teleport you to the world were you want to go to. Before you can use a TravelPort, you must earn tickets. You can get these tickets if you finished a mission, or sometimes, you can find them.

Builder’s Hub

Do you have a brilliant idea you would love to see ingame? Or do you have a cool model you made in LDD you wanna see in LEGO Travellers?
Post it on this page! This is the Builder’s Hub, a place were you can share your imagination and/or ideas! Just leave a comment on this page, and you will get a reply as soon as possible!
Builder's Hub!

When LEGO Travellers is released we will release it for more then one operation system.

The following operation systems will be able to run LEGO Travellers:

-Windows (minimal XP)

-Mac OSx

-Unity Webplayer (not sure what sort of devices support this one, but if your device support this you will be able to play LEGO Travellers.)

-Android ( probably will not the full game be supported, but there will be a a LEGO Travellers game optimalised for Android )

For more Info on the game VISIT:

Also for more Screenshots Check out the Gallery!

The Developers for the game have asked me to Make a Contest, where a few Testers could get Approved! One thing you guys need to do first is to accept the The Terms of Secrecy. The testers who win the contest are allowed to publish any videos or screenshots of gameplay or  Brick Building. BUT NOT the download link :P.

1. The Terms of Secrecy. (The Survey may have a Updated Version)
You as a tester Agree to NOT release to the Public the download link, or any other Media that You are not Approved to Publish.
And you accept that you have Permission to publish any videos or screenshots of Gameplay, Brick Building, or other things you test.

If you do not follow these rules. You will be Banned, and your Account Might be terminated. (The Terms of Secrecy survey Question. :P)

Survey/Application Link!!


The stuff they will let you play is only the Brick Building feature, because the worlds are still WIP (some are ready, but we let them only test by a few of our secret testers we have got already. Those secret testers has agreed with some Terms of Secrecy).

(I may have an Interview soon, with the Developers of this great game :P)

Survey/Application Link!!


More Lego MMOG News, read all about it

Today, more info on the LEGO mmog was released, (And other games)

The LEGO project reached its first milestone with a fully workable client after 6 weeks of production time. (They mentioned this in at least Three different places.)

· Due to lower sales of The Secret World than
expected, the Company initiated significant cost-cut
measures. Amongst other factors, such as the
development of a LEGO game, based on the
Minifigures line, the goal of bringing the Company
cash flow positive may not be achieved during

· The Company has established a strong team to
build the LEGO online game, working towards the
second milestone next month

In the Overview of main games

Game ———————— Segment —————- Status

“LEGO Minifigures” — Free-to-play MMO — Core team in place, 1st milestone passed

LEGO game scope
§ Grants Funcom the rights to make an MMORPG + companion
mobile apps based on the Minifigure Line of LEGO Toys
§ Allows for development on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and
Windows Mobile platforms
§ Term of the contract ends 3 years after the commercial launch
of the game, and is renewable
§ Territory of the contract is global
§ 18 months development time – target release date 1H 2014
§ Will be promoted through, as well as through other

§ Collection driven children MMO based on the LEGO Minifigures
§ Flashy & fun combat: Strong visual presentation drives the
gameplay. Filled with LEGO style humor
§ Power bricks: Collect bricks and store them in different
configurations to increase your power
§ Engaging PvP: Brawls, team battles and team challenges
§ Diverse worlds: Game environments will cover a broad range
from the outer space to the lands of Greek mythology
§ First major milestone reached – fully playable game concept
already on servers


Interesting huh?

PvP = Player vs Player

Team (Battles and Challenges)

LEGO style humor.

Diverse worlds.






Other Interesting NON-RELATED facts.

• Universal and Conan Inc announced a new movie, «The Legend of Conan», to star Arnold Schwarzenegger with a target release date in summer 2014.

Game —- Segment —- Status

Project A Free-to-play MMO Concept and negotiation phase

§ Project A
§ Funcom has signed a letter of intent with a major gaming company
for a license involving a strong brand, fitting very well with the
strategy for the Company going forward.

§ Game Direction for future games
§ Building smaller, more focused online games
§ Player driven content, engagement and community
§ Focus on the midcore gaming segment
§ Multi-platform engagement, flexible business models



Info can also be found