You Are All I Need

God, You are all I need in my life.

When I look around, what will remain? Death comes easily, taking what it will. Both People and Things can’t escape its grasp.

We all fight for things, knowledge, fame, popularity, power. And yet it’s all in vain, here now, but gone the very next moment. Our kingdoms all topple, and are regulated to the pages of history, then forgotten. Who will remember us when we die? Who will remember what we did? And who will remember our Thoughts, our Desires, our sincerest wishes?

That’s why I need you Lord. To save me from the hopelessness, the meaninglessness, the vanity, that is our Life.

Lord God my savior, I do not know what is tomorrow, please give my life meaning, and make me into an honorable vessel for Your house.


a Prayer by Nenen

(Based on the Song by Ashes Remain)