Nothing Without You

I am Nothing without You, God.

Do we understand how useless –how incredibly vain– our jobs, dreams, desires, are in the end? I know that when we are without God, all is so meaningless.

When I get distracted by things, by cares, I get so restless, like I was looking for the meaning of things again.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back in my life, and figure out if I’m really doing what I should be.

Am I meant to be a writer? So why am I skipping so many days?

Am I meant to make games? Where is the productivity?

But ultimately, whether or not I’m meant to do these things, Am I doing these the right way? Is it for God’s glory? Am I asking for His plan before I start with mine? And is the final product worthy of Him?

But when I realize I’m unable to do things by myself, when I realize that by myself nothing is eternal, when I realize that I am Nothing without You, God.

That’s when God can use me; That’s when the work I do has eternal value; That’s when I am Something great. It’s all because of You, God.

I need You always in my life, for without you I am nothing.

Do be something; I need to dedicate all of me to You. Do be productive; I need to be always doing things for Your Glory.

Whether that’s writing, game development, singing, eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, or praying. All I do needs to focus on You and be for You.

Because I am Nothing with You, God.