A video. Heroin and Meth

I thought I should share this video I watched recently on TBN. From TresuresTV (see their site

I kinda cried at some parts… 🙂


ICR’s Museum Project (Videos)

ICR Museum: Showcasing a Recent Creation from Institute for Creation Research on Vimeo.


ICR Planetarium: Travel Through Space from Institute for Creation Research on Vimeo.



ROBLOX (The Bloxy Awards)

Time to Start Submitting Your BLOXY Entries

BLOXYs 2014The BLOXY Awards are a veritable who’s-who of ROBLOX film-making — the premiere ROBLOX film event; our own version of the Oscars. Last month, we announced the 2014 BLOXY Awards and the four categories of submissions. Now, it’s time to start submitting your entries! Keep reading to find out how it works.

Submitting your BLOXY entry

  1. Upload your entry to YouTube
  2. Put [BLOXY 2014] in the video title
  3. Send your entry’s YouTube URL and your username to

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on May 26th, 2014. After the entry period, we’ll create galleries of eligible submissions for each category. Viewers will be able to vote by giving the videos a “thumbs up” on YouTube. We’ll find the top vote-getters (assuming they are of BLOXY-level quality) and choose the winners from that pool.

Winners, of course, will receive a virtual BLOXY Award and have their videos screened during Virtual BLOXcon 2014 in June!

The categories

Long-form Machinima: arguably the most celebrated of categories. Tell a story – any story you can dream up, from comedy to suspense to action – using the ROBLOX engine (or ROBLOX assets in 3D graphics software) as your visual medium. Build sets, hire actors, incorporate music, script action sequences, narrate with spoken dialog, etc. The sky is the limit. Go nuts. Length: 2-5 minutes.

Short-form Machinima: tell an original short story, convert a movie trailer into ROBLOX, write a bizarre comedy skit, or do something else entirely. The only rule is the short must be filmed within the ROBLOX engine (or using ROBLOX assets in 3D graphics software). Again, feel free to build sets, hire actors, incorporate music, script action sequences, narrate with spoken dialog, etc. Use your imagination. Length: 45-90 seconds.

Music video: create a music video for a song using ROBLOX as the visual medium. You can write your own original music (about anything, including ROBLOX) or make a music video for an existing song. This has the potential to be the coolest BLOXY category yet. Length: 1-4 minutes.

Major league (ROBLOX) gaming: record yourself playing ROBLOX and capture those epic streaks, unimaginable acrobatics, and high-octane moments of excitement. Take your most dramatic clips from any variety of games and edit them together with exciting music and whatever other effects you deem fitting as a montage that shows how cool ROBLOX gameplay is (and how skilled you are). Length: 30-60 seconds.

Minor details

If you’re looking for inspiration or just need an idea of what constitutes an award-winning entry, visit our YouTube channel. We have a playlist featuring all of last year’s BLOXY winners.

Good luck, film-makers!

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If you play ROBLOX, and are interested in making machinima movies. This would be a good contest for you!

News and Info about the MMOG and Funcom

News and Info about the LEGO Minifigures MMOG and Funcom

For Quite a while now Funcom has been talking about how they are restructuring. and how they are now going to make “smaller, high quality online games”

What has this to do with the LEGO MMOG? well let me show you a few Quotes.

As part of the ongoing review of strategic options announced on 22 October 2012, Funcom has initiated a process of restructuring the Company around its core products and technology. This includes the consolidation of offices and teams around the world as well as the streamlining of internal processes. By taking advantage of the Company’s industry-leading proprietary technology, the new organization will be better equipped to realize the strategy of building smaller high quality MMO games such as the upcoming ‘LEGO Minifigures’ game which is currently in development by the highly experienced team at the Company’s Oslo studio.

“We are building the basis of a very sustainable business” says Ole Schreiner, CEO of Funcom.“With a restructured organization, we will have a joint team of the best-of-the-best working together to expand our existing online worlds and to create new, exciting and memorable online experiences such as our upcoming ‘LEGO Minifigures’ game.”

The restructuring is an important step in the long-planned implementation of the Company’s strategy of building smaller, high quality online games such as the upcoming LEGO® Minifigures game while at the same time continuing to support, service and expand its three successfully launched massively multiplayer games ‘The Secret World’, ‘Age of Conan’ and ‘Anarchy Online’


Well Guess what! we got Screenshots and the possible dates for Closed beta! but first!

The LEGO project produced in Oslo based on the
LEGO® Minifigure line has reached all milestones
and is currently on schedule for release during the
1st half of 2014.

In 4Q12 the Company has initiated a project to take the proprietary MMO technology platform DreamWorld into the growing and profitable web and tablet markets, allowing our future games such as the LEGO® online game based on the LEGO® Minifigure line to target these fast growing and exciting new platforms.

The LEGO® online game team is working towards
the fourth milestone “Bosses and Encounters” next

The Company has already signed the first two projects, announcing the
production of two new LEGO® digital games < (Interesting..)

The LEGO® project based on the LEGO® Minifigure line reached its second milestone in 4Q

Our Montreal studios new strategy will be building
high-quality games and technology for mobile and
tablet platforms. To kick-off this new strategy the
Montreal studio will develop two new mobile and
tablet games based on the LEGO® brand. The two
titles are being developed on a work for hire basis.
The Company is in the process of securing further
opportunities for the Montreal Studio.


· The Studio in Oslo will continue to focus on the
previously announced LEGO® online game, and the
business area of building high quality, focused
MMO’s in the mid-core segment. The Company will
in the future work to secure more games
strengthening further the strategy for Funcom Oslo.


The LEGO® project produced in Oslo based on the LEGO® Minifigure
line has reached all milestones and is currently on schedule for release
late 1st half 2014

• Working towards the next big milestone, “Bosses & Encounters” and
expects to start a limited closed beta in 3Q 2013
• Team is now fully staffed and consists mostly of very senior and
experienced developers
• Integration work towards LEGO® ID and other backend systems well
under way (We ould be able to use our LEGO IDs AWESOME!)
• Production on the tablet version of the LEGO® Minifigures game has
started (Tablet version.. Guess you guys are happy)

Cool huh? lets take a review.


The closed beta is going to be on  3Q 2013 which means July – September 2013 so you can now mark your calendars for the Closed Beta! 😛

The release date
late 1st half 2014   Probably April-June.

The production for the TABLET version of the game Just started.

You will be able to use your LEGO IDs and also “other backend systems”

“The studio will continue to put all focus on the previously announced LEGO® on-line game based on
the LEGO® Minifigure line” Well is that not nice 😛 also they said ONLINE game, so it MIGHT be Browser based!

The Staff is very Experienced and Very senior.

Next Milestone “Bosses & Encounters”


Also as an Unrelated news

They are making “two new mobile and
tablet games based on the LEGO® brand.” something i will not be able to play


Now for the screenshots! (Only have two. sorry!)

Lego Minifigure ONLINE screeshots

Lego Minifigure ONLINE screenshots

Judging from the Picture the camera will be fixed.  at least partially.

But i am STILL excited!

Link to the PDFs


See you in the Universe!


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Video on LEGO Legends of Chima

Just in case somebody did not see this. they got new pictures

The one with the orb, makes me think of the “Chi” (Or energy)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LEGO legends of chima wikia link

They also have a Promo. Watch below

My post about this before.

Official Site.

More Lego MMOG News, read all about it

Today, more info on the LEGO mmog was released, (And other games)

The LEGO project reached its first milestone with a fully workable client after 6 weeks of production time. (They mentioned this in at least Three different places.)

· Due to lower sales of The Secret World than
expected, the Company initiated significant cost-cut
measures. Amongst other factors, such as the
development of a LEGO game, based on the
Minifigures line, the goal of bringing the Company
cash flow positive may not be achieved during

· The Company has established a strong team to
build the LEGO online game, working towards the
second milestone next month

In the Overview of main games

Game ———————— Segment —————- Status

“LEGO Minifigures” — Free-to-play MMO — Core team in place, 1st milestone passed

LEGO game scope
§ Grants Funcom the rights to make an MMORPG + companion
mobile apps based on the Minifigure Line of LEGO Toys
§ Allows for development on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and
Windows Mobile platforms
§ Term of the contract ends 3 years after the commercial launch
of the game, and is renewable
§ Territory of the contract is global
§ 18 months development time – target release date 1H 2014
§ Will be promoted through, as well as through other

§ Collection driven children MMO based on the LEGO Minifigures
§ Flashy & fun combat: Strong visual presentation drives the
gameplay. Filled with LEGO style humor
§ Power bricks: Collect bricks and store them in different
configurations to increase your power
§ Engaging PvP: Brawls, team battles and team challenges
§ Diverse worlds: Game environments will cover a broad range
from the outer space to the lands of Greek mythology
§ First major milestone reached – fully playable game concept
already on servers


Interesting huh?

PvP = Player vs Player

Team (Battles and Challenges)

LEGO style humor.

Diverse worlds.






Other Interesting NON-RELATED facts.

• Universal and Conan Inc announced a new movie, «The Legend of Conan», to star Arnold Schwarzenegger with a target release date in summer 2014.

Game —- Segment —- Status

Project A Free-to-play MMO Concept and negotiation phase

§ Project A
§ Funcom has signed a letter of intent with a major gaming company
for a license involving a strong brand, fitting very well with the
strategy for the Company going forward.

§ Game Direction for future games
§ Building smaller, more focused online games
§ Player driven content, engagement and community
§ Focus on the midcore gaming segment
§ Multi-platform engagement, flexible business models



Info can also be found


Great Videos!

The Story Of Lego! /\ Above!

These are Lego Videos!

The Past Before Lego Universe \/ Below

Yu-Gi-Oh free cards (Careful)

Hi! I has discovered a channel that willl give you free yu-gi-oh cards, the olny thing you need to do is to subscibe on “TheKingOf Games” channel and comment. Pretty easy right? If more and more people is subscibers he will do better and better card openenings and giveaways. He has recently got one now. Here is the link to giveaway:

Here is the channel:

I hope that you will enjoy his box openings and giveaways

By Shafirsabbag

(Note from Nenen: Be careful, do not give away ANY personal information. or you could be getting scammed. If you find out its a Scam, TELL ME RIGHT AWAY! )

Bored? Then listen to this! :D

The name of this song is Róblox – Runaway. Questions and answers are in video discription. 😀 X3

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Making a list… and Checking it Twice.

OK now if the name Confuses you, This is not about the Popular ideas of Santa Claus. Who WAS a Real person a LONG time ago and was also VERY different.

This is about GAME MAKERS, Brick games that is, i Want to know ALL the groups that make a LEGO-like game (including Lego itself)

So i will start with the groups i Found myself, with some help from others, and YOU will Tell me MORE in the COMMENTS, Understand? ok HERE WE GO! The Nexus Project has Merged With Project B.U.I.L.D. (NON WORKING LINK) Project B.U.I.L.D. seems to NOT have any websites. Not that i know of anyway. New site, Working Link! Once i Mixed up Nexus Adventures with The Nexus Project. also i kinda joined the wiki. The Legend Team, I am a part of this one, (My favorite group.) The Creators Of Destiny, i am working on Advertising and LDD. on this one. Though i need a LOT of time. and i have so little. They closed down, BUT NOW REOPENED! A new Game maker for me!!! STILL LEARNING ABOUT THEM.

Bigger Companies under here. Roblox, Build and Play your own games. Please use this link when Joining.>>> robloxReferral<<< Write as your Referrer Nenen Lego has teamed up with FUNCOM to make a NEW LEGO MMOG! Read more HERE! A Rival (that is what Many roblox users think) of roblox, but both are fun… in there own ways.. i prefer roblox. You need to buy the game before you can play the Multi-player version. A game that reminds me of Minecraft. (NEW PART)

If you have any links POST IN THE COMMENTS!