A video. Heroin and Meth

I thought I should share this video I watched recently on TBN. From TresuresTV (see their site

I kinda cried at some parts… 🙂


Your Origins Matter.

Sometimes, Christians believe that we should ignore Creation as an evangelical tool Just because of the controversy surrounding it.

Then we would be ignoring one of God’s most potent evidences of His Glory and Intelligence doesn’t make sense to me.

Psalm 19:1-3 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

ROBLOX (The Bloxy Awards)

Time to Start Submitting Your BLOXY Entries

BLOXYs 2014The BLOXY Awards are a veritable who’s-who of ROBLOX film-making — the premiere ROBLOX film event; our own version of the Oscars. Last month, we announced the 2014 BLOXY Awards and the four categories of submissions. Now, it’s time to start submitting your entries! Keep reading to find out how it works.

Submitting your BLOXY entry

  1. Upload your entry to YouTube
  2. Put [BLOXY 2014] in the video title
  3. Send your entry’s YouTube URL and your username to

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on May 26th, 2014. After the entry period, we’ll create galleries of eligible submissions for each category. Viewers will be able to vote by giving the videos a “thumbs up” on YouTube. We’ll find the top vote-getters (assuming they are of BLOXY-level quality) and choose the winners from that pool.

Winners, of course, will receive a virtual BLOXY Award and have their videos screened during Virtual BLOXcon 2014 in June!

The categories

Long-form Machinima: arguably the most celebrated of categories. Tell a story – any story you can dream up, from comedy to suspense to action – using the ROBLOX engine (or ROBLOX assets in 3D graphics software) as your visual medium. Build sets, hire actors, incorporate music, script action sequences, narrate with spoken dialog, etc. The sky is the limit. Go nuts. Length: 2-5 minutes.

Short-form Machinima: tell an original short story, convert a movie trailer into ROBLOX, write a bizarre comedy skit, or do something else entirely. The only rule is the short must be filmed within the ROBLOX engine (or using ROBLOX assets in 3D graphics software). Again, feel free to build sets, hire actors, incorporate music, script action sequences, narrate with spoken dialog, etc. Use your imagination. Length: 45-90 seconds.

Music video: create a music video for a song using ROBLOX as the visual medium. You can write your own original music (about anything, including ROBLOX) or make a music video for an existing song. This has the potential to be the coolest BLOXY category yet. Length: 1-4 minutes.

Major league (ROBLOX) gaming: record yourself playing ROBLOX and capture those epic streaks, unimaginable acrobatics, and high-octane moments of excitement. Take your most dramatic clips from any variety of games and edit them together with exciting music and whatever other effects you deem fitting as a montage that shows how cool ROBLOX gameplay is (and how skilled you are). Length: 30-60 seconds.

Minor details

If you’re looking for inspiration or just need an idea of what constitutes an award-winning entry, visit our YouTube channel. We have a playlist featuring all of last year’s BLOXY winners.

Good luck, film-makers!

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– – –

If you play ROBLOX, and are interested in making machinima movies. This would be a good contest for you!

An Interview with . . . LEGO Nexus Adventures!

An Interview with

LEGO®  Nexus Adventures Wiki

Nenen: What is Nexus Adventures?

Zaxzax12: Nexus Adventures is a fanmade game, similar to LEGO Universe.

– – –

Nenen: A LOT of people think LNA is trying to remake LU, what can you clarify about that issue?

Zaxzax12: We don’t want to remake LU, but we do want to create a LU experience within the game. Nexus Adventures does share some things with LU but it isn’t a remake.

– – –

Nenen: What is your Motivation?

Zaxzax12: This is a very good question, with all the fan games and newly produce LEGO games out there it may seem like motivation is very hard to find. But we get our motivation from a number of places, first is our love for LEGO and LU, second is the motivation we get from each other when we get something done we can all celebrate it. Smile The last place we get our motivation from is the fans, hearing from fans and seeing fans post videos about us gives us that much more motivation.

– – –

Nenen: Where is the best place to talk about LNA in your Opinion?

Zaxzax12: Well there is the Nexus Adventures wiki, we have been getting some people visiting but I would like to build back up a community there. And Nexus Adventures partner wiki’s such as LNA Suggestion Area and LNA Fanon are good places.

– – –

Nenen: Where can Interested Parties contact the LNA team?

Zaxzax12: Through our website comments, and contact form is the best way to get in contact with the team. Only myself and Brick check them normally but we can have other members answer if they are needed. For example if they have a question that only our Concept artist can answer.

– – –

Nenen: What are your Favorite games? (Outside of LNA & LU)

Zaxzax12: I don’t play many games myself sometimes MineCraft and some of the Wolfire games, but that’s about it. I’ve heard the other members mention so games they like but can’t recall them at the moment.

– – –

Nenen: Where do you guys like chatting?

Zaxzax12: Well we do have a private chat that we have yet to use, (but I hope we use soon). But we mostly use the Nexus Adventures wiki chat, though very rarely are we all on chat at once.

– – –

Nenen: What is the Story behind LNA?

Zaxzax12: LNA takes place in another part of space, known for now as Sector 9. The setting is placed just a few months after LU closes, within the first couple of months the Darkitect and maelstrom are defeated. So Nexus Force members are sent to explore space beyond the Crux System. More can be read here:

– – –

Nenen: Is Nexus Adventures, a MMOG? or is it another kind of game?

Zaxzax12: Before it’s first shut down about a year back it was originally meant to be a MMOG, or form of MultiPlayer game. It is now being developed as a Single player game, but will still have the fun gameplay style of LU.

– – –

Nenen: What kinds of things will you be able to do in LNA?

Zaxzax12: Not all the features have been worked out but when you first start off you will be able to smash and build things within the Nexus Explorer. As well as engage in NPC missions and Battle against the Maelstrom Generator. As well as the other basic inventory features, and character create; which I think will really give this game some attention. We’re also working on a build system similar to that of LU property system, though not at all the same. 🙂

– – –

Nenen: Do you have any other “official” websites? (Other then the Wiki)

Zaxzax12: Yes in fact, we have a website that we use to post our progress and other promo material. We also have a Suggestion Wiki, and a Fanon wiki for fans to contribute and play around with the ideas and NPC’s LNA offers. And for those who don’t leave their Facebook or Twitter we also have accounts set up there. And last is our Youtube channel and our members channels that help promote LNA.

– – –

Nenen: Who are your members?

Zaxzax12: Well new applications are coming in almost every other week and so it’s hard to keep a list for more then a couple months. 🙂 But these are the members we currently have on the team, in not particular order (myself), Brick5492, Carbon Shadow, Onuku, Bincredible, Fustran, and Rc. We also have many fans that submit ideas, and suggestions daily for our use as well as help from old members and friends. 😀

– – –

Nenen: What is your Goal for 2014?

Zaxzax12: We have big plans for this year, already in this month alone we’ve made more progress then previous months and plan to keep up the pace. We hope to have a release soon of our first couple worlds, I can’t say for sure when but soon. 🙂 But yeah, as far as our goal I’d say it’s to get the first world finished up and to complete and other two worlds we have. Once you get your first world done the rest isn’t as hard since you have sound affects, music, models, etc.. in place.

– – –

Nenen: Is the game going to be a Pay-To-Play? or something else?

Zaxzax12: No, LEGO has set up strict rules for LEGO based games one being you can’t make any money off of it. So LNA will be a free game once it is finished, we do have plans for making money however that don’t conflict with copyrights and also will provide some more promotion for the game. 🙂

– – –

Nenen: Are you guys making any other games?

Zaxzax12: No, I’ve helped many other teams in making games, but most of those have failed.

– – –

Nenen: What do you do, on the Nexus Adventures Team?

Zaxzax12: I’m the new leader of LNA, and also take care of modeling, rigging/animating, and any other jobs that aren’t currently filled.

– – –

Nenen: Are you looking for any kind of Specific Help?

Zaxzax12: Well we are always in need of more Unity coders, and Blender modelers. But we do need some more help in 2D art such as textures, concepts, gui’s etc…. as well as some composers, or people who are good and willing to right some music for us or do sound effects.

– – –

Nenen: Do you have anything else to add? Something to say?

Zaxzax12: Yes in fact, I would just like to say that we aren’t some team of experienced kids trying to infringe on copyright laws for personal reasons. We are an honest group of experienced people of various ages and talents, trying our hardest to bring back not only a game style but game community. LU had a great community, awesome gameplay, and great story elements that add to the fun of LEGO.

We as a group/team of collective LEGO fans and enthusiast just want the chance and support needed to try to regenerate those things, not recreate or claim them as our own. We hope everyone who reads this visits our wiki and other sites and gives us the chance they gave LU. 😀

– – –

Nenen: Ok, this was a great time talking with you, Thank you for having this interview!

Zaxzax12: Your welcome, and thank you for conducting it, it was great to have this interview. 🙂

– – – – – –

to find LNA, or to get more information. 
Go to their website, at

Omg! Sorry for inactivity!

Sorry, i wasn’t online for almost a year! But i have done these things:

– Uploaded more video’s on YouTube(It’s not even getting odd :P)- Made a Minecraft account. Im Premium! Thats to all of you noobs who dont have premium(Just kidding). Oh, i’ve got a server. Its on my website:

Improved site, thats what i have made from my website!

Contact me on Skype! I will message(whenever that is possible here) my E-Mail. If its not possible, i’ll give my E-Mail via my profile! 😛

Let’s play maps on Minecraft, or have a roleplay, be creative, do anything! Here is my name on Minecraft: MrBeingcool.
My server name: [See My Website Above]

Let’s be friends on LEGO Legends Of Chima Online! My name: Blasting Boundingblade


Video on LEGO Legends of Chima

Just in case somebody did not see this. they got new pictures

The one with the orb, makes me think of the “Chi” (Or energy)

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LEGO legends of chima wikia link

They also have a Promo. Watch below

My post about this before.

Official Site.

Yu-Gi-Oh free cards (Careful)

Hi! I has discovered a channel that willl give you free yu-gi-oh cards, the olny thing you need to do is to subscibe on “TheKingOf Games” channel and comment. Pretty easy right? If more and more people is subscibers he will do better and better card openenings and giveaways. He has recently got one now. Here is the link to giveaway:

Here is the channel:

I hope that you will enjoy his box openings and giveaways

By Shafirsabbag

(Note from Nenen: Be careful, do not give away ANY personal information. or you could be getting scammed. If you find out its a Scam, TELL ME RIGHT AWAY! )